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Today was the official launch of the Apple App Store. I’ve had a quick chance to play with it and here are a few of my thoughts.

What I like about it…

First off, it goes without saying that you have always been able to easily install software on your mac. You just had to find it. Sometimes it was through the Apple web site, but most of the time it was through word of mouth, tweets, blogs etc. It wasn’t easy.

Now, its right there in your face. Quick, simple, easy to search. And installing an app is just a few clicks and bazzinga, you’re done.

This is HUGE for mac app developers. People are already used to using iTunes and now they can search for games and apps in a centralized place built into their OS. I know, I know, others have been doing this for a while. Just look at any linux distribution. But for mac guys, this hasn’t been the case. And I don’t think Windows has this either but I would imagine that they might be toying with the idea.


  1. Two App Stores? One in iTunes and then one in the OS itself. Its confusing as all get out. I told someone today to go to the app store and find angry birds for his Mac. He went to iTunes and was very confused as to why it stated iPhone/iPad only.
  2. This annoying error:

    Its easily fixed by logging out of the App Store, closing it and then logging completely out of your account. Log back in and you’re good to go.

    • A “dot” release just to push the new store? Really apple? Seems like it should have been a downloadable app and not a full release to 10.6.6.


Over all, I think that more good will come out of this than bad. Its a rev 1 release and there are going to be a few bumps in the road. Will this lead me to discover more apps and developers out there. Absolutely. And I think that is a good thing for each and every user out there. Sure there are a few things to get cleaned up, but I think everyone is going to be very happy with this new store.

Also…you should down load the new Twitter. Its the update to tweetie that you were waiting for.

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