I had an interesting hockey game last night. I scored the first goal of the game which was a nice break away goal. I don’t get too many of those chances so it was nice to put it away when I did.

Then at the end of the 2nd, I got rocked…bad. I was trying to skate into space behind one of their defenders as we were breaking it out of the zone. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the slightly smaller guy (about my size but shorter) behind the defender. We didn’t see each other until the very last second and WHAMMO! We smacked the crap out of the each other at full speed.

I hit the ice and got the wind knocked out of me. But I was able to get up and get back to the bench at least. The worst part of it has been everything after the fact. A hit that big is bound to have some fun after affects. For me, its a nice set of bruised ribs. Another day of B league hockey glory 😉

At least we got the win and while I was on my back sucking wind, I got a + as my line mate put the puck in the back of the net.