Week 1, day 1

Last week, the 100 pushup challenge caught my eye somewhere on the ‘net so I decided to check it out. Seemed pretty straight forward. It is a nicely laid out program to get your body in shape to do 100 consecutive push ups. Now, push ups are push ups and not something that I do on a regular basis. At least, not normal boring push ups 😉

I am one of the believers of Combat Conditioning. This is a program by Matt Furey who is a former Iowa Wrestler and Kung Fu Shuai-Chiao world champion. The main foundation of the book consists of the Royal Court which is made up of Hindu Push Ups, Hindu Squats and the back bridge.

So, I have decided, along with a training partner at my former office, to adapt the one hundred push up program a bit. We’ve both been slacking on doing the royal court on a regular basis so we’re doing the one hundred hindu push up program.

Currently I can do 20 straight without doing the push ups on a regular basis. We’ll see where I am at after 6 weeks.

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