Twitter Issues

Has anyone else been having a bunch of issues with Twitter as of late? It seems like the service is even more unstable than is has been in the past few months.

My biggest complaint right now, besides it being down a lot, is the profile settings. Yes, I’m _finally_ getting around to setting a profile picture for my @usrlocal account.

Here is what I get when I attempt to upload my image:

Good so far! But then when I got to hit save the final time I get the following:

Uh..NO! My picture of 4KB which is 48×48 is NOT to big!

Here’s the really frustrating part, some people are seeing my new image though I get the error message saying that it didn’t update properly.

WTF Twitter?!?!

2 thoughts on “Twitter Issues

  1. And so it continues. –Twitter is over capacity– I’m preaching to the choir and repeating myself, but ugh…

    Ruby to Scala, same difference…. They should go check out the Laconica OSS project.

    • Oh I hear ya there. I still haven’t been able to successfully update my avatar on there. I’m not sure if they don’t have the right guys working there or if they are trying to make the hardware architecture too complex. Either way, they need to get their shit figured out. The growth that they are having will go in the opposite direction if they keep having these stability issues.

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