BESUserAdminClient.exe find issues

For our Hosted Exchange 2007 environment, we offer a BlackBerry Enterprise Server that allows users to connect their crackberries and have the full functionality that one expects with these devices. Various automation scripts have been put in place that make it easy for the user to see who has BlackBerry enabled for their account, add additional users and so on. Today, we discovered a rather annoying feature that exposed a bug in our code.

Twitter Issues

Has anyone else been having a bunch of issues with Twitter as of late? It seems like the service is even more unstable than is has been in the past few months. My biggest complaint right now, besides it being down a lot, is the profile settings. Yes, I’m _finally_ getting around to setting a profile picture for my @usrlocal account. Here is what I get when I attempt to upload my image:

Zune Glitch

Having dealt with my fair share of timezone issues while programming, I find leap year issues really funny. Thank you Microsoft for starting off my year with a laugh. Many Zune owners successfully revived their failed music players Thursday morning, while others were still unable to overcome a leap year-related glitch that caused thousands of the devices to simultaneously stop working on New Year’s Eve. “Mine is back up and working as of a minute ago!