iPhone 4S – Siri

I’m not completely sold on how useful this will be. But I’m looking forward to the big boss getting hers so I can play with the Siri app. This looks pretty damn awesome. If it does a HAL voice, I may have to upgrade early 😉

Check out more information about Siri on Apple’s website.

Prediction Fail

Its safe to say, my prediction on the Verizon event was completely wrong.

Verizon announced the iPhone4 for their network today.

So, will you be switching?

Personally, I’m going to be waiting a bit since I just upgraded to the iPhone4 when it was announced. When the wife and I get closer to our contracts, I have a feeling that I will be a Verizon customer. Hopefully LTE will be out by then in Des Moines.

Verizon Event Predictions

Verizon has announced a mysterious event next week and they’re not giving many details. The Wall Street Journal is predicting the iPhone on Verizon. Engadget isn’t 100% sure but as they state, where there is smoke…

My personal opinion, Verizon isn’t going to announce the iPhone on Tuesday. Why? Its a Verizon event. And Apple is NOT going to let Verizon announce Apple’s phone going anywhere. I just can’t see it.

I think we’ll see the iPhone announced later at MacWorld 2011. It makes more sense for Apple to announce it at their event.

What I think we’ll see is a nation wide role out of something like LTE. And then in a few weeks Steve standing up there announcing the LTE capable iPhone.

But I could be completely wrong as well. I guess we’ll wait and see.

Introducing iApp100.com

Today, I’m finally able to let the cat out of the bag about a side project that I have been working on. My fellow brother in song, Brent Bierstedt and I have been working over the past several months on a better way of accessing, ranking and organizing iPhone apps. We love the iPhone and think that the store is pretty killer. But there are a few things lacking that with a little bit of technology, we can bring out the best of the store and make it easy to find, search, share and rank applications that you find. So today, we are officially launching iapp100.com

We have some pretty big plans for the site and this is only the beginning. Revision one of the site allows you access to a lot of information that we have been collecting over the past several months. You can create an account, create a wish list to purchase apps later and rank and leave comments on apps that you have given a test run. Because let’s face it, they’re not all winners.

There is much more that we’re going to do with the site so we hope that you use it, tell us what you think, and spread the word to others!