2013 Goals

I’ve been making my goals public for a few years now and 2013 is going to be no different. I haven’t always been the best at reaching my goals. At least, I’ve never been 100%. But that’s not always the point. The point is to put a marker ahead of you on the road of life and work your ass off to get there. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you fail. But its the try that makes us better no matter the outcome.

2012 Goals Review

2012 is closing down and its time to review my goals for the year. Goal #1: Sleep More! SUCCESS! My goal was to average between 7-8 hours of sleep this past year which with all the other stuff I was trying to do I knew would be a challenge. So after tallying up the numbers, I posted an average of 7.03 hours per night. I know, I squeaked by on this one.

The Color Run

Time to wrap a bow on one of my goals for 2012. 5x5K is officially complete with the finish of The Color Run – Des Moines. It was a bit chilly for the run but it was a blast. No times, just 27,000 of your friends running a 5K and getting colored power thrown on them. Quite the experience and I recommend it to just about everyone. Walkers, runners, kids. All are welcome!

Mid Year Goals Checkin

Trying to keep myself on track here and the best way to do that is to make sure that I’m writing and checking in on my goals at various points throughout the year. So here is my mid-year goal checking. Goal #1: Sleep More! 6 months in and still tracking with the help of mercuryapp.com. My average is now 6.92 which is up slightly from my 3 month mark of 6.

Keeping Myself Honest…

In order to make sure I keep track on all my goals, I’m going to check in every quarter and see where I’m at. So seeing as it is the first day of April, time for the 1st quarter review. Goal #1: Sleep More! With the help of mercuryapp.com, I’ve been able to track my sleep time and so far for 3 months I’m averaging 6.86 hours of sleep a night.