2016 Goals

As in past years, I’m being open and honest about my goals for the year. Keeping yourself accountable is a big part of success so the more people that see this can also call me on excuses as they come up. I’ve never really hit 100% of my goals and I think that’s ok. Goals are meant to stretch you and make you work really hard for something. This makes the reward all the sweeter.

2015 Goals Review

Another year and its time to check out the score card on the 2015 goals. This is going to be a rough one folks. Sleep Goal 7 hours. Actual: 6.5 Grade: C Running Goal: a distance race. Actual: None Grade: F Code / Write / Ship! Goal: Ship something Actual: None Grade: F Make something with my hands Goal: Make something Actual: Built a few shelves, added on to the raised garden, created a retaining wall / planting area

2015 Goals

Last year was a bit interesting for me with starting a new job so I made no public goals. Sure I had a lot of work related goals that I accomplished. But wanted to keep the personal life on the down low and just ride out the year. It was a year filled with a lot of ups and downs but I’m very grateful to be coming through with good health and a happy life.

2013 Goals

I’ve been making my goals public for a few years now and 2013 is going to be no different. I haven’t always been the best at reaching my goals. At least, I’ve never been 100%. But that’s not always the point. The point is to put a marker ahead of you on the road of life and work your ass off to get there. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you fail. But its the try that makes us better no matter the outcome.

2012 Goals Review

2012 is closing down and its time to review my goals for the year. Goal #1: Sleep More! SUCCESS! My goal was to average between 7-8 hours of sleep this past year which with all the other stuff I was trying to do I knew would be a challenge. So after tallying up the numbers, I posted an average of 7.03 hours per night. I know, I squeaked by on this one.