What I recommend for a wireless setup

Normally talking about wireless networks isn’t the most exciting thing that one can talk about. But over the years I have been asked what my thoughts are for a setup or if I would setup a wireless network for someone. With that in mind, this is what I would recommend for a wireless setup if you were doing one from scratch. My in-laws built a new house a little while back and we did some planning ahead of time to account for a future access point that would be mounted once the drywall, texture and paint were all up.


I’ve been one of those guys for years now that has had a number of servers running in my basement. At one point, there were over a dozen doing various things and well…helped me learn for the job that I have now. But, time moves on and for the past several years I’ve had just one machine that I used for backups and a little bit of development. And in the most recent 12 months, that machine has only been used for backups.

Smart Phone

I’ve finally taken the plunge. I have purchased an iPhone. I have to say, I love the thing. I had exchange rocking with this thing within 3 minutes of getting it home on the wifi network. I had a Sprint service for many many years and they were pretty good to me for the most part. But the fact that they didn’t have the iPhone and the fact that Apple released as SDK for the thing put me over the top.