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I’ve finally taken the plunge. I have purchased an iPhone.

I have to say, I love the thing. I had exchange rocking with this thing within 3 minutes of getting it home on the wifi network. I had a Sprint service for many many years and they were pretty good to me for the most part. But the fact that they didn’t have the iPhone and the fact that Apple released as SDK for the thing put me over the top.

Some benefits that I have found to the phone have been numerous. The biggest one for me and my current job is the tie in with Exchange 2007. I swear I get my mail faster on the iPhone than I do with my Entourage checking constantly. Calendaring tied in. My contacts I can sync from exchange though I choose to sync from my local contact list.

I surprisingly don’t use the iPod part of it as much as I thought I would. I guess I still look at it as more of a phone than anything else. I still have my 4GB 1st generation Nano that I can use for going for a walk and jamming out to the tunes. I guess I still prefer its smaller form fact for holding in my hand as I walk.

The App store is pretty amazing. Cro-mag rally is kick ass. But the SSH client TouchTerm has been a nice addition to the arsenal. Now whenever I am on call I am a few finger clicks away from being securely on the network and fixing the issue at hand.

One thing that I wasn’t quite sure on when Jobs said it was that this would be a player in the mobile gaming market. Seeing as I am addicted to LED Football and Texas Hold ’em, he’s absolutely right!

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