App Boom

We’re doomed to repeat history. Wait…what? Isn’t that the point of history to study it so we DON’T make the same boneheaded mistakes. Yes, that’s exactly why you read history books. Yet, we are in another round of the IT glory days. Read TechCrunch for 5 minutes and you’ll just be shaking your head. What was the .com boom of the late 90s has become the new app explosion of today.

Privacy Wars

A recently article from the guardian shows that your iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go. Many of your know that I’m an iPhone user and supporter as I have a often neglected iPhone App site. You’re probably thinking to yourself right now, great, another fanboy coming to Apple’s rescue. WRONG! What the fuck Apple? Seriously, what the fuck? Is there a good reason for keeping track of this data?

Twitter for Mac

I’m running the official Twitter 2.0.2 app for Mac. And I must say, its a nice update to Tweetie that was long in coming. However, twitter needs to fix 2 things to make it a great app. Refresh Rates – My client likes to go into stupid mode for hours or days at a time. If I don’t notice and hit refresh, I simply won’t get updates. While nice for the lack of distraction, its still a bug that’s easy to spot.

April 1st – Internet Asshole Day

I like a good practical joke along with the next guy. For some reason, I get really annoyed with the internet on April 1st. You can’t trust a damn thing because everyone is making up shit. My favorite sites go into stupid mode where their jokes aren’t even funny. There are a few people that do it well (google has a good track record going) but for the most part, its 15 minutes of funny with the rest of the day filled with lame jokes and pure annoyance.

More VC Money for FlipBoard

If you own an iPad and haven’t downloaded FlipBoard yet, what the heck are you waiting for?!?! Seriously, this is one of the first apps that I felt truly took advantage of the large real estate that the iPad brought. I’ve written about this one before and I’m going to do it again. And no, this isn’t all sunshine and freaking rainbows. The reason that I’m writing this is that recently FlipBoard raised another round of funding with a 200 million dollar valuation.