Twitter for Mac

I’m running the official Twitter 2.0.2 app for Mac. And I must say, its a nice update to Tweetie that was long in coming. However, twitter needs to fix 2 things to make it a great app.

  1. Refresh Rates – My client likes to go into stupid mode for hours or days at a time. If I don’t notice and hit refresh, I simply won’t get updates. While nice for the lack of distraction, its still a bug that’s easy to spot.
  2. Spaces – For the love of god people, spaces!!!! Its one of the killer features of OSX. Yet, you don’t respect it at all. No matter what, I get the damn Twitter app on every space, not just one. I like your app and all, I just don’t like it THAT much.

So Twitter, help a brother out and fix your app.

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