App Store Vs iTunes Buttons

When the new iTunes 10 came out, one thing that immediately caught my eye were the close, minimize, maximize buttons (the “red, yellow green” buttons if you’re confused). Here is what we have in iTunes 10 which is different from all the previous versions of iTunes and all other Apple software. Hmm, I’m not sure I like the vertical buttons. The horizontal had a lot going for them. Will this be a new trend or did someone simply try something new to see how it went.

Poor Design

I’m a Mediacom subscriber. They’re the only cable modem choice in town and DSL just doesn’t have the speeds that I want out in my area. So, for internet, they’re the best option I have. They have a customer portal that is less than impressive. In fact, every time I use it I want to cancel my account. It annoys me that much. Why I hate the Mediacom portal One of my biggest pet peeves is that I cannot setup my credit card to be charged on a monthly recurring basis through the portal.

Announcing –

My good friend asked me to do a web site for him and well, I finally got around to knocking it out. Its basically a business card web site but for an artist, its anything but cut and dry. Check out my latest development effort The site is pretty minimal as really, its best to keep the text to a minimum here and just show off the art work.


Recently, I have found FlipBoard for the iPad. If you haven’t seen this product, where have you been. Seriously, they’re even in Newsweek and I just saw them in an iPad ad this evening. Here’s a demo of the app: Pretty freaking sweet isn’t it. And its free! Yes, FREE! I still don’t get this. Its getting such great buzz around the web, why not charge some money for the app.

Your iPhone Icon is Wrong.

Found this site while checking out Found this site while checking out during the Friday LayerTennis. Too funny, too true. Why? You are not an unique snowflake so don’t try to make your icon stand out by “de-buttoning” them on the home screen. No matter how beautiful you are, you are not better than everyone else by removing the border or gloss. You are not special. You are not being clever.