You’re not a snowflake!

As I was checking in today on the latest tech news, I found out that Twitter has announced that they are building their own data center.

Death to the fail whale they are calling it. Maybe so, but what really got me was this.

Twitter will have full control over network and systems configuration, with a much larger footprint in a building designed specifically around our unique power and cooling needs.

Uh, what?

What could possible be unique to your power and cooling needs opposed to well, ANYONE ELSE RUNNING A FUCKING DATA CENTER?

Sure they have a metric crapton more users than you or I will ever have. But unique cooling and power needs?!?! Bullshit!

Yes you have servers, routers, SAN cabling, racks upon racks of gear. We get it, you’re a big site. But that doesn’t make you suddenly special. Just because you have a lot of cooling and power needs doesn’t make you suddenly unique to the rest of the world.

I work for a company that has several large data centers. We host more companies than I probably even know about. And you know what, we use a LOT of power and cooling. Why you ask, we’re a freaking data center, its what we do.

While building a data center gives you other benefits which you have listed (customization and flexibility), its doesn’t make you special so stop acting like it.

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