iPhone 3.0 Beta 5 – update

So far things are still going good. The part that was a bit rough was that when the restore image is used and the phone reboots…its like having a virgin iPhone again. Luckily you can restore your settings from a backup. But man that takes a while to re-install all of your applications and copy over the gigabytes of data. Not very much fun.

The only issue I had with this process was that Frenzic didn’t seem to want to install the first time. Tonight when I plugged the iPhone in, Frenzic installed and worked as I expected. So I’m not sure what happened last night.

Now, with that being said, I do have one nagging issue that Apple needs to fix. The backup restored my applications, application settings etc. But it didn’t keep track of where I had the applications placed. This is a real annoyance given the restore process. A while ago, someone had done a mockup of an application position manager that could be built into iTunes. That would have been pretty handy last night.

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