IgniteIT Talk

About a month ago I gave a lightning talk at a local IgniteIT Event. I haven’t done a lot of public speaking so I was a bit nervous going in. But the people that I was with stated that the talk I gave was pretty good. I assumed they had been drinking heavily so I couldn’t trust them that much.

But now the 5 minute talk is on the intertubes for all to see. So here it is, enjoy.

Looking back at it, the talk wasn’t that bad. My voice was kind of trashed from talking to people during the speed networking and trying to talk over the music. But the talk actually wasn’t as horrible as I thought it might be. If I didn’t make it clear enough in the talk, Inbox Zero is _not_ my concept. Its all Merlin Mann from 43Folders.

You can find out more about inbox zero at http://inboxzero.com/

And I still reall hate the sound of my voice on a recording.

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