My Inbox is…better!

A while ago, I wrote about my Inbox being out of control. I didn’t just bitch about it, I took action. And so far, I’ve done what I would consider a decent job of keeping it clean. I wouldn’t say its A+ work, but I’d give my efforts a B. Ok, maybe C lately with the little one arriving and trying to play catch up. How have I kept up with the email onslaught:

IgniteIT Talk

About a month ago I gave a lightning talk at a local IgniteIT Event. I haven’t done a lot of public speaking so I was a bit nervous going in. But the people that I was with stated that the talk I gave was pretty good. I assumed they had been drinking heavily so I couldn’t trust them that much. But now the 5 minute talk is on the intertubes for all to see.

IgniteIT – Ames

Hey everyone. If you you’re in the Ames Iowa area tomorrow night and consider yourself a geek, come join us for the IgniteIT event. This is going to be my first year attending and I have even thrown my name out there to give a talk on Inbox Zero Here is a description of what IgniteIT is all about: IgniteIT is the networking opportunity for Iowa’s information technology community. Our mission is to spark imaginations, connect people, create new technology opportunities in Iowa and have a lot of fun in the process.

My Inbox is out of control!

I’ll admit it, I’m an email pack rat. I don’t like being this way, I just am. I’m terrible about deleting emails. I send myself links to read at a later point in time. I often use my inbox as a todo list by sending myself messages of things I need to do. There is a freaking todo list in my email client (Entourage) for goodness sake. I have a backpack account with 37 signals.