2012 Goals Review

2012 is closing down and its time to review my goals for the year.

Goal #1: Sleep More! SUCCESS! My goal was to average between 7-8 hours of sleep this past year which with all the other stuff I was trying to do I knew would be a challenge. So after tallying up the numbers, I posted an average of 7.03 hours per night. I know, I squeaked by on this one. But its an improvement over the middle of the year when I was still sub 7 hours.

Goal #2: Time for family SUCCESS! I made family time a priority this year as I think most people try to do. I kept my distractions to a minimum and enjoyed watching Nolan grow another year older and a lot more active. That little man wears me out which made running a lot harder after he’d go down for the night.

Goal #3: Ship Code FAIL! Ugh, uber fail again. I think goal 2 was a big part of this one. My nighttime hours were greatly squeezed with Nolan, a bit of running and then the secret goal. There just wasn’t enough time in the day.

Goal #4: 5×5 SUCCESS! Finished this one strong and had a lot of fun with the various races that I did. The Warrior Dash was probably the most fun and challenging. The Color run was also a cool experience, but probably won’t do it again just because of how chaotic that was.

Goal #5: Top Secret FAIL! I am so close to getting this one done. So damn close. But alas, its just not happening in 2012. And that’s ok, when the time is right we’ll get this one done and that will hopefully be in early 2013.

I only hit 60% of my goals again this year and while I wanted that to be 100%, I know there is room for improvement and I look forward to the challenge. Overall, I had a great 2012 and I’m really looking forward to 2013 and the exciting things ahead.

Happy New Year!

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