Judas wears a purple #4

I’ve written about it before, I enjoy watching number 4 play. But for the Vikings!?!?! Judas!!!!!!!!!!

At least I get an extra special birthday gift this year with the Packers heading to Minnesota on October 5th to give the Vikings the thumping they deserve.

Still a fan

So, I’m not going to argue with the fact that there is a good chance that Brett Favre probably pushed things too far. I’m not going to argue that the Packers probably could have handled the situation better. Its safe to say, there is a good chance that both are to blame at some level, though you might not get that opinion in Green Bay right now.

But I’m still a fan. And watching Favre’s press conference with the Jets, I think that you’ll see why.

Its business. Its sad, but its the way that it is.

#4 is a Jet!

Wow, I didn’t think that it would get to this point. But Brett Favre has been traded to the NY Jets.

Its kind of sad to think of #4 as anything other than a Packer. But based on some of the things that have been reported, I’m not that surprised anymore.

Good Luck Brett, Thanks for the memories.

Now Go Pack GO!!!!

#4 is back!

If you don’t know who #4 is, you’ve been living under a football rock for the past 16 years. I’m of coarse referring to the immortal Brett Favre. After retiring in March, he has changed his mind and the league has finally reinstated him.

As a packer fan, I’m a bit torn. I love watching #4 hurl the ball. He’s exciting to watch. But, at the same time, he was a jackass in the off season. Retiring, wanting to come back, then not wanting to come back. Then forcing his way back in.

The packers are not without fault either. But I can’t blame them. I can’t say that I would put up with the “I’m coming back, no I’m not” BS for very long.

But now the Packers can make things right. Hold a level, open challenge for the QB position. Will Brett win it, you know he will. And let #4 lead you to another great season.

In the mean time, lock up Aaron Rogers. He’s a good QB. He did great last season against Dallas when Brett was struggling. Yes, Aaron will have some rough games. But so did Brett after 16 season. In the end, #4 gives you 2 wins a year that you don’t get with your average QB. He’s been doing this way too damn long and knows how to rip apart defenses.

Not to forget, he’s also playing with a chip on his shoulder this year. He’s got something to prove which is dangerous for every defense he faces this season.