The Unlicensed license for host…

Recently I spent some time upgrading our corporate VMware environment from ESX4.1 to ESXi 5. Fun times I know. For most of the hosts, I was able to use the update manager to upgrade and only one host was short on space that required a full re-install from CD. The upgrades weren’t without incident. I had the unfortunate incident of running into an error of “The Unlicensed license for host does not include vSphere HA.

Powershell Error checking

Being a programmer by trade, I get thrown into many projects that aren’t always my forte, but I can figure them out and get them working the way that I want. I’ve been messing with powershell for a while now with VMware, but never really getting into big time scripting with it. Its mainly be something to use to accomplish some various tasks on mutliple hosts. Very little error checking in the scripts since I’m watching them was they run.

HMC CreateFolder

Today I had the chance to get back to some code for CreateFolder which creates a public folder within our Exchange 2007 environment support by Microsoft’s Hosted Messaging and Collaboration frame work. I’ve been highly critical of Microsoft’s code before, and today has taken that to a new level. Here is what I’m dealing with. First, let’s go to the documentation on TechNet: Pretty clear that we have a few required parameters and a few optional ones to set some quotas.

XCode Errors

By trade, I’m a PHP/C programmer and rarely have time to really work on some fun stuff at home. But recently, I have been trying to spend some more time working on some fun projects and getting my hands dirty with XCode and the iPhone SDK. I recently downloaded the latest and greatest version of XCode and overwrote the beta versions I had been running with before. The installation went fine and I decided I would load up one of the demo apps to make sure that everything was indeed still working as I expected.