Wrestling with VMware High Availability (HA)

A few months back I had a little bit of trouble with an upgrade in our corporate VMware cluster that I thought I would share. The details of this upgrade was to add a new host to the mix and bring everything up to vSphere 4.1 update 1. It seemed pretty straight forward at the time but there were a few unexpected issues that sucked up more time than expected.

Is there really that much money in it?

Disclaimer: I’m not a Comcast subscriber, but I play one on TV Comcast has me scratching my head. A friend of mine pointed out the following post on the Comcast goofiness. For a long time now they have been messing with DNS and if you happen to screw up and look up a site that does not exist in DNS, you get the Comcast ad page. Many of the tech savvy folks out there simply got around that by putting up their own caching server or using opendns.

Setting up a silent DNS master server

Recently, I have begun the process of moving my domains from the DNS servers at my previous employer. They have allowed me to continue hosting my domains there as I still send them a spam feed of unknown addresses from my various domains. Yes spammers, keep that mail coming. Its only doing you good, I promise 😉 The main reason for the change is that the former employer is locking down the admin access to a standard that as a non-employee, I can no longer get to the admin interface.

Damn French!

For the most part, I like France. Its a nice place to visit, most of the people that I’ve met have been fairly nice, at least the ones that have come over here to study and visit. Heck, I even got engaged over there back in 1999. However, today re-affirmed why most people hate the french. We have a few domains that are registered with a registrar that is based out of Paris France.