A fresh face If you’ve been a reader of this site, you’ve noticed the facelift of the site after many years of running the same theme. This is more than just a new theme, there is also a new back end powering the site. The previous site was running on Wordpress much like millions of other sites out there on the web. I’m going to use this post to talk about the reasons for the changes and the new way that I’m now writing and publishing articles.

What I did on my break

Remember when you went back to school when you were little. What did you do on your summer vacation Billy? Well, I’ve had the last two weeks off for some additional paternity leave and wanted to recap what all I did. More for me than anyone else. Some technical, some definitely not. Played with my Twins… a lot. Played with my oldest son. Painted my son’s room

2017 Goals

Clearly I’m a bit behind this year with my goals. These are usually posted on 1⁄1 but this year, things are different. Different priorities, different timelines, different expectations, still trying to be a better version of myself. So here it is, time to write down the goals and put a plan in action to make it happen! My 2017 Goals! Solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 3 minutes – This one may seem silly and it very much is.

2016 Goals Review

I don’t think I’ve ever done this poorly on my yearly goals. But I have a good reason, a couple of them actually. Please refer back to The Ochos and you’ll fully understand. But…to stay consistent, let’s run through them and see how poorly I did. Learn Swift – FAIL I did some tutorials and the playground activity from the developer portal. I do like what I’ve seen in swift so far.

The Ochos

I posted this on Facebook for all those that are friends with me there. But I think it needs a formal place here on the blog…the announcement of the twins born on 8/8/2016 With a triumphant roar, the Patterson boys came into this world on 8⁄8. Evan Michael lead the way at 10:32am coming in at 5lbs 9oz and measuring 18 inches. His brother Andrew Douglas gave mom a bit more trouble and made a fashionably late appearance at 11:16 after an emergency c-section.