Gobble gobble

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Dog calls 911 to help owner having seizure

An assisstance dog calls 911 and saves his owner’s life last week in Scottsdale. A dispatcher with the Scottsdale Police Department took a call from an assistance dog who barked on the other end of the line. The dog was trained to call 911 whenever his owner lays down and is unresponsive. All the buttons on the phone are preprogrammed to dial 911. This isn’t the first time the dog has called 911.

My dog the mobster?

My wife and I woke up this morning to a rather gruesome scene in our front yard. At some point in the night, a rabbit got whacked in the front lawn. Now, I’m not 100% sure if my dog was involved but I have a suspicion that she was behind the hit. She was with us the whole time so I know that it wasn’t her taking out the rabbit. But she has a hate for all critters.

Dog Issues?

Last night we had some thunderstorms roll through the area. This is nothing new, its Iowa after all. We’re on the northern edge of Tornado Alley so we have more than our share of storms in the spring and summer months. But for whatever reason, Dilly (the dog) has been waking up when the thunder starts to roll in. She typically will sleep at my feet but soon we are greeted with a dog wanting to cuddle higher up in the bed.