2016 Goals

As in past years, I’m being open and honest about my goals for the year. Keeping yourself accountable is a big part of success so the more people that see this can also call me on excuses as they come up. I’ve never really hit 100% of my goals and I think that’s ok. Goals are meant to stretch you and make you work really hard for something. This makes the reward all the sweeter. So without further ado, my 2016 goals…

  • Learn Swift – In the past I have had items on the list such as ship an app of some sort but I never really had that rock solid idea of what I wanted to do or ship. My wife stated an idea for an app and its been eating at me ever since. I figured that this was as good of a reason as any to start learning swift and see if I could pull off her idea. This app may only be used by me, but it will be a good learning experience and I’ll add another language to the toolbox.
  • 26 posts – Since joining Facebook, I’ve noticed the amount of posts that I’ve been publishing has greatly diminished. If the tags are correct, I’ve posted 5 posts over the past 2 years. This is remarkably low compared to the numbers that I used to put up. Through my goal of learning swift and other things that I’m doing, I should be able to greatly increase the number of posts. My goal is to put out 1 every 2 weeks. Why not 1 / week you ask? Well, I’m not sure I’ll have enough to write about and we’re already talking about a remarkably large increase in the number of posts that I’ve put out in the past.
  • Run Forest, Run! – This goal is pretty much in line with past years. I plan on continuing to run but I’m most likely going to be taking a bit of a break in Jan as the weather turns much colder here in Iowa and I need to do something else for a while. But I plan on passing my numbers from last year and look to keep pace with my 2015 numbers. This time clearing 300 miles and hoping to get 350.
  • zzzZZZzzz – This continues to be a struggle for me. Between learning swift, working on my app idea and everything else that happens with the day job, sleep continues to be a challenge for me. My goal is to still increase the number of hours I sleep. But I’m hoping to move this incrementally. If I can add on 15 minutes from 6.5 to 6.75 hours a night, this would be a huge win. 7 would be great, but I already know its going to be a tough road to get there. Looking for improvement, no matter how small it might be.

So there they are. Learn, Write, Run, and Sleep. Seems pretty simple, we’ll see how it goes. Looking forward to a challenging and rewarding 2016!

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