VMworld 2012 – Day 4

Last day of VMworld!

Its been a good conference for me. Solid sessions and the labs that I’ve done have been good. Its my second year here so things are a bit different than they were last year. In Vegas in 2011, I loaded up my schedule with sessions upon sessions. This year, no where near as many sessions as they are all online and available after the fact. This year I tried to get into the labs more, but honestly, the labs had some issues. There were quite a few issues just getting the sessions to launch for me in the “traditional” route. Where I had the better luck was with the BYOD labs. Basically load up a web page, launch the lab and then fire up your view client. Slick! And the best part, there have been rumors and a wonderful lady that I spoke to yesterday pretty much confirmed they will offer the labs after the conference. Solid!

Right now I’m chilling in the hang space, watching the genius sessions where Google is showing off their autonomous car and trying to take a lab remotely 😉

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