VMworld 2012 – Day 3

No keynote planned for today. Just sessions, labs and the solutions exchange.

Some of the cool tech that is out there that you should check out are:

PuppetLabs: Can’t say enough good things about what these guys are doing. Automate your infrastructure with Puppet! Its damn impressive.

Raidundant 1 Million IOPs in 3 U. This guy has some very cool tech, wicked smart and oh…has a patent on this tech. Well worth checking out.

Zerto pretty cool replication technology. Yes, there is some replication built into vSphere 5.1, but these guys are taking it to the next level.

BlueLock is one of the leaders in the public cloud space. Even if you’re not looking to use a public cloud, go visit their booth and try and catch Jake Robinson. He’s wicked smart and willing to share the knowledge.

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