VMworld 2012 – Day 2

Day 2 and everyone is a little more tired but ready to get their learn on. Today was the day that Steve Herrod gets to take the full spotlight and show some of the cool tech that is happening at VMware. Much like last year, the day 2 keynote was focused on the end user with both the desktop and mobile device.

The View + Mirage technology was slick, no doubt about it. Being able to have a local image syncing back to the server that in case of someone breaking their laptop having their laptop stolen, they can move that image to a view desktop in a few clicks. Seamless! It was pretty impressive.

VMware also unveiled their iPhone support for apps. They give it a beard effect to the icon which is a little hokey if you ask me. I think something along the lines of what openfeint would be a little more slick where people add an icon to the bottom corner. Putting a little VM logo would have been clearer in my opinion. While VMware is playing in Apple’s sandbox there are some challenges but with the various policies that VMware can layer on top, you can control things like Cut and paste from a protected corporate app and protect your data from being taken and moved to something like evernote. Now, this was cut and paste. I’m curious to know if they did anything that would stop me from taking a screen shot from within that app.

In the end, its still glorified desktop support which I have no desire in doing. But for those that do that and want to make your jobs easier, I’d highly recommend taking a look at Horizon, View and the Mirage technologies. VMware is finally delivering on what they talked about last year.

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