Warrior Dash

Continuing on with my running goal knocked down run #3 of the year with the Warrior Dash – Iowa just outside of Earlam IA.

This was a race that several of my co-workers were going to run including my wife. Before the race started, the big boss (wife) and I agreed that we’d run this together. We’re out to enjoy the race and have some fun…race times be damned!

The race is basically a 3.43 mile trail run with 12 obstacles along the way. The day was hot as could be with some nice humidity and to add to it all, no breeze. Or, the worst weather for running you can imagine.

The race was a lot hillier than we expected. Just when you got to a top of a hill and were sucking wind, then you got into a nice open HOT field. Ah…breathing in a swimming pool. What could be better.

The obstacles were challenging, but nothing we couldn’t handle. I thought that the 12ft wall that you had to climb with a rope was the hardest since it was possibly the crappiest of plastic ropes you could find. The big boss thought the series of short 4 foot walls and then duck under barbed wire were the worst. Mainly because those took her wind out of her. Due to the extremely hot weather, the mud pit at the end felt amazing. Followed shortly by a shower from a fire hose.

Overall, we thought that the race was pretty outstanding. It was a fun time, VERY well organized and they definitely know the brand and making it a great experience for all those that participated.

And…we got some hardware at the end for finishing.

The kids got our hats.

Some pics from after the race. The “clean” version of the two of us is from after the fire hose.


And finally clean-ish….

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