Dam to Dam 5K

My 2nd 5K of the year is in the bag with the completion of the Dam to Dam 5K. The race this year took a different route and had a much better result for me. I’ve been running a lot more and it definitely showed.

At the end of the day, I got 8th in my age group and 100th overall with a time of 23:04. I tied the 7th place guy in my age group but he had 2 seconds on me in gun time. You’re going down next time Doug Grunst.

This is my second time running this 5K and I improved quite a bit over last year. 3:01 off my 2011 time. I’ll definitely take it but there is more to go. I’d really like to have a 22 or 21 as the beginning of my time before the year is out.

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