[Puppet] Error 400 on SERVER: No support for http method POST

I’ve been helping a buddy get his puppet master server setup and he recently ran into a rather interesting error. He had his master server setup and had added a few recent server builds to the mix all from the EPEL repository which installed the 2.6.x version of the client.

When adding an older server, he got the following error message showing up in his logs:

Error 400 on SERVER: No support for http method POST

Doing a little googling, it turns out, this is not all that uncommon.

This older server also had the RPMForge configured in its list of available repos and instead of installing a 2.6.x version of the client, it installed a newer 2.7.x version of the client which caused this error to show up.

The problem can be solved in several ways. 1) Upgrade the master server or 2) downgrade the client.

We uninstalled the client, put an exclude statement in the /etc/yum.repos.d/RPMForge.repo file and then installed the 2.6.x client that we were looking for. He’s now up and running in the puppet awesomeness.

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