Moving at the speed of business

I always laugh when ever someone has a commercial that states moving at the speed of business. I’ve seen the speed of business and its damn slow!

In a previous life, way back when we were first developing our appliances, we shipped on Sun v100 servers. They were cheap boxes that packed quite a bit of power under the hood. Sun had on their site that servers shipped within 3-5 business days.

Well, most of the time.

If a reseller, channel partner or well, anyone remotely associated with Sun wanted a server before you ordering through the web wanted it, well, they got it and you didn’t. We eventually because a partner and were able to order servers at a much faster rate. But for a while, we discovered that business days actually equaled weeks! WEEKS!!!!!

Move on to the present day. Now my job no longer entails ordering mass quantities of servers to be made into appliances. Now I’m dealing with project planning, estimates and general work load balancing. One thing that I have noticed that is not unique to my current employer but to a lot of employers is how fast they move. There are just too many small to medium businesses that are stuck in slow. Its time to put that foot on the gas pedal and start moving again folks.

The speed of business is killing us!

One of the big slow downs that I’m seeing right now is a lot of people are afriad to make a decision. Let’s have another meeting before deciding on where we want to go. Let’s look at the numbers again. Did we make a mistake? Are we predicting the future correctly with this?

How about, let’s try something and see how it works. Risky? Sure. But limit the risk and you never know, it just might be the home run you were looking for. If not, you didn’t lose that much but at least you tried something that hopefully moved your company forward rather than sitting in meeting rot.

Its time to move forward, lets GO!

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