Wanted: Email Stats Plugin

As I was doing my best today to not check email and actually program I thought about something that I would be intersted in using. Heck, I might even be willing to pay $5 for something of this nature. The software that I’m looking for is a software plugin for Mail.app that would give me stats on my email activity. Things I’d like to track are:

  • Number of messages received in a given time period/li>

    • Number of messages read in a given time period
    • Time spent checking email
    • Time spent responding to email
    • Time spent creating new messages
    • Frequency of checking email
    • Number of messages deleted without being read
    But Why?

Well, mainly for the same reasons why I was using Rescue Time for a while. To find out how distracted I was. Yes, I know I have been distracted, but to what degree? How bad am I getting distracted by email? How much time do I take responding to each and every message? Now figure that my email volume will double next year. Ok, how much time was spent in email this year, now double it, and multiple that number by my hourly rate and holy hell do you have a lot of wasted dough.

See my point now?

So if there is someone out there that knows of software that does this already, let me know.

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