Safari 4 – focus issues

Like a lot of Mac users out there, I took the plunge and tried out Safari 4 Beta.. Unfortunately, I’m rolling back to Safari 3. Its not that I really want to, its that I have found a very annoying issue. You see, my company uses IM like it is going out of style. It is one of the main ways that we communicate. Ever since installing Safari 4, I have come across an issue that drives me up the freaking wall. The issue is, when I am typing a message in the Mac Messenger client and hit send, the cursor no longer keeps focus for me to type another message. It goes somewhere else magically and never comes back until I click. So if I am in a discussion with someone, it is type, click, type click, type click. Very freaking annoying!!! The solution, according to this guy, is to remove Safari 4.

Until Apple can figure this out, I will not be running Safari 4.

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