$24 for Voice Mail

I got a letter in the mail the other day from my internet, phone and cable TV provider Mediacom. The letter stated that due to the higher costs of providing the service and the decreased demand, Mediacom would no longer be offering voice mail as part of my included service. That’s right, as a “triple play” subscriber, someone who is now paying well over $100/month with the company, they will no longer offer voice mail as a part of their voice package.

Now, they are making me a ‘sweet’ deal. I can sign up before 1115 for $1.93 a month for the service which is normally $4.95. Wow, thanks a-holes!

This normally wouldn’t be a huge deal. Sure it would tick me off, but not send me looking for other services. But seeing as I signed up for the HD service 2 months ago and they have yet to fulfill the order, I have to say, we’re definitely looking for other providers. The only service that I really like out of the triple play is the internet service. If it wasn’t for that, I’d be gone by now for sure.

So for any Mediacom employees out there that can do something about this. Feel free to spread the word that you’re about to lose a customer over $24 bucks a year for freaking voice mail. Outstanding work!

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