A storm is coming…

Do you ever get to a point where you know that you are about to go on wicked run, but aren’t sure where it is you are going to go?

I’m at that point. The last time this happened I programmed for 16 of 24 hours and came up with a pop3 proxy that could check for spam, viruses, apply certain actions based on the results and do various account verification and logging. This was just a proof of concept all written in PHP.

Yeah, I said it. I was crazy enough to write a pop3 proxy in PHP. Oh, I’m sure that many of you are thinking, well hell, anyone can do that with the PEAR modules. Nah, too easy. I wanted to truly see how this stuff was going to work so I wrote it all from scratch. All in under 1,000 lines of code too.

I feel like another one of these code storms is coming. I’m never sure when they are going to pop up on the old radar. Its not like I slack off all the other times. Its just one of those feelings I get from time to time where it is time to close off the rest of the world and get lost in the bits.

I’m not sure what is gong to come out of this. Its either going to be a new customer portal for work. Or I’m going to knock out all the PHP->MPS (Micro@oft Provision System) code that I need to do. Or it could be one of my other projects that are currently floating around my head.

Either way, its going to be a fun ride.

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